Love Letters { Heart } { or Thank You Notes } Inspired by Nature

Nature’s Folio loves being partnered with Zazzle for our print-on-demand product fulfillment partner. The custom stationery products listed here — from note cards to postage — are those we’ve hand selected because we { Heart } them, they’re perfect for our nature photography theme, and they’re popular with our customers. Zazzle offers hundreds of other products, and if you’d like to see our nature photos on any other products, let us know.    

Nature Themed Stationery Products

Products marked with { Heart } are fan favorites (and we might like them a little extra, too).

    • Envelope Seals

      Available in 1.5-inch diameter (20 per sheet) and 3-inch diameter (6 per sheet), our envelope seals are designed round, but by selecting “Customize It!” on the product page, you can choose to order them in squares, hearts, rectangles, triangles, stars, or ovals.

      Sold and produced by Zazzle Paper. Shipped from San Jose, California, US.

    • Note Cards { Heart }

      This is a Nature’s Folio all-time favorite product. { We love to send & receive snail mail! } Our nature photos are printed on ultra-heavy 120-pound card stock with gloss finish. Your friends will love getting one of these in the mail. Remember the matching postage!

      Sold and produced by Zazzle Greeting Cards. Shipped from San Jose, California, US.

    • Postage Stamps { Heart }

      Motivate, inspire, or brand with US Postal Service-approved custom postage stamps. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, and denominations from $.35 (postcards) to $6.45 (Priority Mail) for all your mailing needs. { Must see. This is the product which ignited our Zazzle love. }

      Sold and produced by Zazzle Stamps. Shipped from San Jose, California, US.

    • Postcards

      Standard-sized postcards printed in beautiful, vibrant colors on ultra-heavy 120-pound card stock. Postcards are a great way to say ‘hello’ to friends and family. { Who doesn’t love to get a surprise in their mailbox? } Don’t forget the matching postage! Postcards are an inexpensive, convenient way to let friends and family know you’re thinking of them.

      Sold and produced by Zazzle Paper. Shipped from San Jose, California, US.

    • Return Address Labels

      Custom, personalized return address labels which are inject-printer compatible using Microsoft© or Avery© template 6870. Use them as return address labels or to identify your belongings.

      Sold and produced by Zazzle Paper. Shipped from San Jose, California, US.

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