Home Decor Inspired by Nature

Home decorating and personal touches aren’t just for interior designers anymore. Zazzle as our print-on-demand product partner. Zazzle‘s home decor options bring out the designer in you, whether it’s your ‘home sweet home,’ mountain cabin, or beach-side cottage. We’ve selected fan favorite products which go well with our nature-inspired designs. If you’re interested in our nature photos on any of those other products, let us know.    

Products marked with { Heart } are fan favorites (and we might like them a little extra, too).

Nature Photo Home Decor

  • Bath Mats { Quick-drying Foam Core | Non-skid Backing }

    Zazzle‘s luxurious bath mats are available in three sizes: 16 by 24 inches, 20 by 30 inches, and 24 by 36 inches and printed in full color. Step out of every shower or bath into custom-designed luxury. Machine washable.

    Sold and produced by Zazzle Home. Shipped from San Jose, California, US.

  • Bath Sets { Toothbrush Holder and Soap Dispenser }

    Bright, beautiful images are printed on beautiful ceramic. Soap dispenser has stainless steel lid. These are the perfect finishing touch for any bathroom! You’re going to love them as much as we do. { Promise! }

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Photo USA and shipped from Fremont, California, US.

  • Bathroom Scales { Digital | Battery Operated | Ultra Thin }

    Ultra-thin tempered glass platform bathroom scales with high precision electronic sensors custom made to match your bathroom. Auto on, auto zero, and auto off. Capacity range is 13 to 397 pounds (6 to 180 kilograms); measures in pounds or kilograms. Uses two AAA batteries (which don’t happen to be included).

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by RuMe and shipped from Centennial, Colorado, US.

  • Cabinet Knobs { 1.5 Inches | Ceramic } { Heart }

    We simply cannot talk enough about how great these custom ceramic cabinet knobs are! They’re vibrant, beautiful, and a great way to spruce up any cabinet, armoire, or dresser in an instant.

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Carolina Hardware and Decor and shipped from Huntersville, North Carolina, US.

  • Coasters { Glass & Stone } { Heart }

    Glass coasters are made such that the image is fused to the back side of the glass which permits high-resolution photos to retain detail and depth. They’re not just coasters; they’re room accents.

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Images In Tile and shipped from Joplin, Missouri, US.

    Stone coasters are available in marble, limestone, travertine, and sandstone, and all are cork backed. Edges have a worn appearance which adds character, like your favorite blue jeans and T-shirt.

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by GiftStone and shipped from St. Cloud, Florida, US.

  • Door Mats { 18 by 24 Inches } { Non-slip Backing } { Fade Resistant }

    Available in 18 by 24 inches and 24 by 36 inches. High quality sublimation printing allows for full rich color that won’t fade. Non-slip backing is latex.

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by GiftsForYouNow and shipped from Burr Ridge, Illinois, US.

  • Flameless Candles { 3 Sizes } { LED Flameless }

    LED flameless candles are a safe alternative to traditional candles. The wrappers on Zazzle’s are long-lasting, high-quality vinyl fabric which makes our nature photos pop. Available in 3 sizes: 3 inches in diameter and 4, 6, or 8 inches tall.

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Candle Wrappers and shipped from California, US.

  • Lamps & Lamp Shades { Heart }

    What a great idea for a room accent! Printed using a state-of-the-art technique and made to assure fade resistance. Choose from standard table lamp or tripod lamp, three shade options, including rice paper, and several color combinations. All of these options are selectable on the lamps product pages.

    • { Table Lamp | Tripod Lamp | Pendant Lamp }
    • { Silver Base | White Base }
    • { 14 Lamp Shade Trim Color Options }
    • { Rice Paper Shade | Linen Shade | Polyester Shade }
    • { Or Buy Just the Lamp Shade }

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Lamp-In-A-Box and shipped from Los Angeles, California, US.

  • Night Lights { Heart }

    Take your ‘typical’ night light and throw it back in the drawer where you found it. This is the night light of the future — a customized accent, lighting the way in the middle of the night! We especially like how these night lights make our nature photos glow.

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Common Rebels and shipped from Startford, New Jersey, US.

  • Ornaments { Rear View Mirror Or Christmas Ornaments, if You Prefer } { Metal | Ceramic }

    Yes, they make terrific Christmas ornaments, but, gosh, they sure are sweet as rear view mirror ornaments too! And they come in a variety of styles you just have to see for yourself (open a ceramic ornament for other shapes and round or square ‘frame’ style and a snowflake ornament for the ceramic ball style).

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Zazzle Home and Photo USA and shipped from California, US.

  • Photo Holders { Place Card Holders }

    For weddings, these are perfect as place card holders, and for everywhere else, they’re great to display your favorite photos. Made with AcryliPrint® HD printing process. High quality acrylic base with stainless steel metal holder.

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Acrylic Idea Factor and shipped from Tucson, Arizona, US.

  • Nature Photo Home Decor

  • Pillows { To Cuddle | To Throw }

    Throw a little style in any room with custom-printed pillows adorned with a beautiful nature photo and an inspirational quote!

    • { 12 by 16 Inches }
    • { Brushed Polyester | Grade A Cotton | Outdoor}
    • { Removable Cover with Hidden Zipper }

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Manual WW and shipped from Henderson, North Carolina, US.

  • Place Mats { 20 by 14 Inches } {100 Percent Woven Cotton } { Machine Washable }

    Buy a matching set or different designs and spruce up your dinner table or breakfast bar with custom place mats, nature photos, and inspirational quotes. Machine washable and 100-percent cotton.

    Sold and produced by Zazzle Home. Shipped from San Jose, California, US.

  • Plates { Porcelain } { Heart } { Made in Reisterstown, Maryland }

    Another Nature’s Folio favorite, these gorgeous custom porcelain plates are fan favorites to commemorate special occasions. Safe for eating, but we prefer them for hanging. Choose from two sizes.

    • { 8.5 or 10.75 Inch }
    • { Food, Microwave, Dishwasher Safe }

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Maryland China and shipped from Reisterstown, Maryland, US.

  • Serving Trays
    • Acrylic Serving Trays { Square | Rectangle } { 4 Size Options }

      Touted as vanity trays, these Grade A acrylic trays are great room accents, party trays, house-warming gifts, coffee trays, and so much more. They’re chic and sassy.

      Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Acrylic Idea Factory and shipped from Tuscon, Arizona, US.

    • Wood Serving Trays { Rectangle } { 2 Size Options } { Heart }

      Durable and functional, yet beautiful, these custom wood serving trays add a splash of unexpected color to any room. Offered with slick, black finish or natural wood finish. In addition to our nature photo and quote designs, we offer these template designs which you can order with wildflower photos or your own photos:

  • Switch Plate Covers { Standard U.S. }

    Of all the custom products available today, who would’ve thought of switch plates? These are especially popular as the finishing touch for bathroom redecorating.

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Acrylic Idea Factory and shipped from Tuscon, Arizona, US.

  • Throw Blankets { 54 by 38 Inches } { 75 Percent Cotton, 25 Percent Polyester } { Heart }

    Curl with a new best seller and one of our best seller’s — a soft, custom throw blanket! Choose one of our nature photos or one of your own.

    Sold and produced by Zazzle Home. Shipped from San Jose, California, US.

  • Wall Clocks { Round | Square } { 2 Size Options } { Battery Operated }

    Another great idea as an accent for any home or office (or home office!). Printed using AcryliPrint®HD process to ensure the highest quality display and made of Grade A acrylic. Our base design is square, and you can choose round on the product page. Any design not already suited for a round clock may be customized by you. Or get in touch with us to do the customizing for you.

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Acrylic Idea Factory and shipped from Tuscon, Arizona, US.

  • Wine Stoppers { Solid Pewter Top | Cork Stopper }

    Every design is waterproof, scratch resistant, and then framed in pewter atop a cork wine stopper. Choose this gift for a special anniversary, house warming, or other occasion where a special keepsake is desired.

    Sold by Zazzle. Produced by Kimbra Studios and shipped from Littleton, Colorado, US.

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